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Lake Maintenance Clinics with the Launceston Tornadoes

Lake Maintenance has been the Home Game sponsor for the Launceston Tornadoes in the 2015 season and they have made it to the Finals!!!

The game on August 1st was the 20 year reunion game of the infamous 1995 Championship won by the Launceston Tornadoes.

Players from the team travelled across the world to come to the game. One was Debbie Black, a former Tornadoe who is now a successful coach of Women’s Basketball in the United States.

Lake Maintenance sponsored an intimate clinic run by Debbie Black for young girls aspiring to make basketball a part of their future. They engaged with the current team and learned a bit about how we prepare for a game.

Lake Maintenance is sponsoring the Launceston Tornadoes basketball team to do outreach in communities with public housing.

The program of Lake Maintenance basketball clinics was launched on the 1st of November, 2013 by Michelle O'Byrne, Minister for Health, Sport & Recreation and attended by high profile community members and members from the Basketball Community.

Since the launch six clinics have been held. Four clinics with Mayfield Primary School, one at Waverley Primary School and one at Deloraine High School. Students who participated in the clinics were given Lake Maintenance branded free tickets for the team's first home game.

The next phase of sponsorship will be an informal basketball competition run in a disadvantaged community in collaboration with Active Launceston.

An agreement has also been made with "Know your Odds Campaign" for Responsible Gambling Workshops to be held in high schools in conjunction with the Lake Maintenance Clinics.

The program will be returning to Mayfield, Waverly and Ravenswood schools in the new school year.